This Gitbook will be updated frequently and can be considered Alpha Genesis whitepaper/roadmap.

Our goal is to constantly strive to exceed the educated investor’s needs. 2022 has been to this point tumultuous to say the least. Everything from the economy, rug pulls, ransomware, war in Ukraine, inflation, gas prices and more has impacted cryptocurrency markets worldwide.

Through this sea of uncertainty Alpha Genesis (AGEN) has evolved to prove that quality projects with real use cases and utilities appeal to the educated investor who are looking for long term investments over meme coins that come and go quickly. Our core beliefs are that in the cryptocurrency space, project owners have a responsibility to be doxxed and KYC’d. Our project owner has done both.

Our project owner is Toni Manninem. He is also the head developer and owner of Alpha Ape LLC. Tony has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2009 and has been involved with numerous projects and has a passion for bringing security to the DeFi space.

Alpha Genesis (AGEN) has formed a collaboration with the team from Alpha Ape. Both teams are committed to total transparency with all investors and possess the drive and dedication to ensure long term success.

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