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NFT For Defi Rewards
Alpha Genesis (AGEN) has developed this unique opportunity for all our educated investors to earn passive income from yet another passive income stream. A percentage of all buys and sells of Alpha Genesis (AGEN) will be used to purchase POODL, CURE and Peachfolio which will be distributed from our Defi Rewards Pool. Since our educated investors understand the value of long-term holding we have created the exclusive Defi rewards card. For the savvy investor who is willing to hold their tokens and provide stability to the project, the rewards are generous. You must maintain the corresponding number of Alpha Genesis (AGEN) tokens to maintain eligibility. Below you will find the criteria for joining this exclusive pool:
Defi Pool
The Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Defi Pool rewards will be distributed every Friday to those that hold the NFT and the corresponding amount of Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Tokens. To maintain eligibility, you must maintain ownership of your Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Defi NFT and not allow your AGEN Balance go below the minimum amount needed. The eligibility criteria will be verified prior to the Defi rewards being distributed. Wallet amounts will be checked and any balance less than required will disqualify you from rewards. It is advisable to maintain more AGEN than what is required in your wallet.
NOTE: These NFTS are placeholders in the Defi Pool. Each NFT represents 1% of the Defi Pool Rewards distributed. You may own more than one, but must have the amount of tokens needed for each NFT. These NFTS will be able to be sold if you do not wish to remain in the Defi Pool. Since this Defi Pool is used for stability of the project, all sales are subject to a 10% royalty. Once the NFT is sold to an owner by Alpha Genesis (AGEN), the owner can sell the NFT for whatever amount they wish and establish a floor price. Due to the extremely limited quantity available, these are expected to be purchased quickly and, in the future, may become more valuable than the original price. Please strategize accordingly and do your own research.
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