Alpha Genesis


The Alpha Ape team along with Alpha Genesis have created a brand new utility that the entire defi space needs.
The biggest problem in defi is the ability to trust anybody from developers to influencers the scams and cons are everywhere. Alpha Guard was created to bring a whole other level of security to this space. All transactions that take place on Alpha Guard are backed by Alpha Ape LLC and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
As part of the Alpha Ape LLC contract audit process our clients have the ability for an extra fee to have Alpha Guard launch Alpha Watch. Alpha Watch is the first fully automated AI that will scan all social media platforms and identify imposter accounts pretending to be project accounts. Not only will Alpha Watch scan and locate imposters it will actively report each fake account until that account is banned or removed from certain platforms. Once imposter accounts are identified project owners will be made aware of these accounts to make sure their communities know about them. Social media platforms that Alpha Watch currently protects.
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Facebook
When purchasing an Alpha Ape LLC audit you have the ability to have a one time scan done or sign up for a monthly subscription to actively protect your project.
In today's world many people in crypto/defi want to conduct P2P (Peer to Peer transactions). The biggest problem with doing P2P transactions is that in order to do so in this space one person has to be the one who decides to put their 100% trust in the other and hope that they get what they pay for. With Alpha Guard we take the pressure of having to make that decision away from all parties involved. Here are some uses for P2P transactions,
  • OTC deals for projects looking for seed money.
  • Purchases or sales of tokens or NFTS with zero tax.
  • Influencer or marketing payments.
Alpha Guard is your go between. List your tokens, NFTS or services and we'll match it with interested buyers making sure all parties stay true to their word. If you are a project with a budget for marketing simply deposit the funds you are willing to spend and Alpha Guard will find a custom marketing solution for your needs. Once you approve the marketing plan Alpha Guard will handle the rest. We have developed a vast network of real influencers and marketers that have all agreed to be part of our network and understand that they do not get paid unless our customers are 100% satisfied.
Alpha Guard is a community trust platform that has never been seen in this space before. Think of "Yelp" but for crypto. Real reviews of developers, platforms, projects and so much more. Are you a project looking for mods? There will be a section built in there that will give you 100% honest feedback before making your decision.
Influencer & marketing reviews. How many times have you wanted to hire an influencer to promote your project but have been unsure if they can be trusted or if what they do actually works? With Alpha Guard you will be able to hear from real people that have had real life experiences. Alpha Guard aims to bring the entire DEFI/Crypto space together under one roof where not only retail investors can go to educate themselves further but also a place for the more seasoned project owner or investor can go to make sure they are getting the real results they are looking for.